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Hazel Mae Design

Hazel founded Hazel Mae Design Inc. in 2012 to deliver what she had trouble finding in the marketplace - a line of dresses made from high quality ponte fabric in vibrant, jewel-toned colors, designed to flatter the female figure.

This was the type of dress she wanted to showcase in her career as a television personality. She wanted to look professional, fashion forward & comfortable all at once.

Hazel Mae's dresses present a contemporary, colourful line of product to the market,  providing the customer with confidence, elegance, and a boost of positive energy.  

The designs are known for their consistent and reliable quality workmanship and impeccable fit.

Hazel Mae has become a destination shopping experience for the working woman who juggles a busy life, seeking sophisticated looks of simple femininity, and comfortable design.

Hazel is committed to consistently being the brand the customers rely on to find their fashion canvas - the dress women reach for first in their closet - everytime.

Youthful yet elegant with a ladylike charm

Stand out at any occasion